EL Rancho Restaurant
Fine Latin American & Spanish Cuisine

27 – Cazuela de Mariscos

27- Cazuelade Mariscos:  A delicious mixed seafood chowder with a touch of Pernod anisette luquor, fresh
special herbs & seasonings. $19.95 

23 – Steak a la Pimienta

23 –Steak a la Pimienta – Peppercorn Steak 10 oz New York Steak in a peppercorn, shallot and au jus & red wine reduction sauce  $18.95

24 – Pechuga Valenciana

24 -PechugaValenciana:  Oven baked boneless chicken breast topped with mushrooms, white wine & cream
sauce. $15.95

25 – Paella Marinera (Para Dos)

25 –Paella Marinera para dos The traditional Spanish dish! A rich combination of rice, vegetables and mixed
seafood Oven baked and served in its authentic dish. Delicious! Please allow 25
minutes preparation time. (serves two) $41.95  

26 – Paella Valenciana (Para Dos)

26 – PaellaValenciana para dos:  (serves two) Rice, Chicken,
Sausage and Seafood, oven baked and served in its authentic dish.  Please
allow 25 Minutes preparation time. $41.95